17, 2002

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - 3:30 p.m.
Wise Conference Room - Wallace Hall 213

I.  Roll Call

Dr. Janis Beaird called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Members present were Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Dr. R.T. Floyd, Dr. Tina Jones, Ms. Becky Graham (for Dr. Richard Buckner), Mr. Mark Brothers, Dr. Richard Collison, Dr. Betty Cowan, Dr. Tom Gonzalez, Dr. David Bowen, Dr. Mark Griffith, Ms. Ann Ketcham, Dr. Nancy Kudlawiec, Dr. Dwayne Massey, Dr. Lesa Shaul, Mr. Jim Shelton, Dr. Louis Smith, Mr. Jim Todd, and Dr. Bill Ward.

II.  Approval of July 16, 2002 Minutes

Dr. Collison moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Dr. Ward seconded.  The motion passed and the minutes were approved.

III. Old Business

  1. Attendance at Commencement – Dr. David Bowen

Dr. Beaird noted that this resolution by the Faculty Senate has been passed.  Dr. Bowen noted that in the state of Alabama there is no consistent pattern for commencement attendance.  The Senate is advocating that faculty be required to attend one commencement annually.  Faculty would be asked to indicate which commencement they planned to attend at the beginning of the school year so that an equal number of faculty attend each graduation.  According to Dr. Bowen, parents and guests attending commencement would benefit from this proposal.  Dr. Beaird asked that Dr. Bowen present the resolution to the Deans’ Council.

  1. Changing the Time Between Classes Report – Dr. Janis Beaird

Dr. Beaird explained that she took the time change proposal to the Deans’ Council.  They wanted to know what the students thought about the issue so Dr. Beaird and Dr. Tom Gonzalez took the issue before the SGA.  Dr. Beaird then took those concerns back to the Dean’s Council.  The proposal was voted down.  Dr. Beaird requested that if faculty still felt strongly about the issue they should make their respective Deans aware of their concerns.

  1. Sabbatical Subcommittee Report – Dr. Janis Beaird

A sabbatical policy proposal was distributed to Senate members.  Dr. Beaird noted that faculty development was separated from sabbaticals. The proposed policy funds the faculty member’s salary at 75% with full benefits.  The remaining salary will be used to fund adjunct salaries.  In addition the calendar for proposed sabbaticals has been updated.  The new proposal outlines membership for the Sabbatical Leave Committee. Proposals and obligations are also outlined in the policy.  Sabbaticals may be taken for a semester or a full year.  A period of service equal to the duration of the leave will be required upon return from sabbatical leave.  The chair for this committee is the Vice-President of the Faculty Senate.  Sabbaticals could be announced at commencement.  Dr. Beaird asked that Senate members take the policy to their faculty members for their input.  The Senate will vote on the proposal at the next meeting.

  1. Retirement System Visit – Dr. Janis Beaird

Dr. Beaird announced that the Retirement System Representative will be visiting on November 19, 2002, from 9 a.m. until 3:20 p.m. Faculty members may register for 20-minute conferences.

  1. Maternity Leave – Dr. Richard Schellhammer

Dr. Schellhammer noted that the Senate voted that the University follow AAUP guidelines for maternity leave.  The Deans’ Council asked for a cost projection of a paid maternity leave.  In the last five years, only one faculty member and two staff members have taken maternity leave. Dr. Schellhammer stated that this is not a lot of money for the benefit derived from such a policy.  Dr. Schellhammer said that he feels that the original proposal be resubmitted to the Deans’ Council with the new information. Dr. Beaird asked Dr. Schellhammer to make a brief write up of the plan so she could present it at the next Deans’ Council meeting.

  1. Web Pages – Dr. R.T. Floyd

Dr. R.T. Floyd distributed a copy of the email sent to faculty addressing web page concerns. He stated that he hopes that the Web Page Committee has addressed the concerns about authorship of web pages. The department chair can contact the webmaster about the “subject web areas.”  The department chair may appoint a contact web person for the department if he/she does not wish to be the designated contact person. Dr. Floyd encourages faculty to utilize the web with the establishment of “subject area webs” that will be linked from department or college pages.

  1. Valic Visit – Dr. Janis Beaird

Dr. Beaird announced that a Valic representative will be on campus on Monday, September 30, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the SUB conference room.  Valic plans to be on campus at the end of each pay period.

IV. New Business

  1. President’s Report – Dr. Richard Holland

According to Dr. Holland, the final report for SACS has been mailed. The University will receive notification from SACS in December.  He then reported on the status of the 2002-03 budget request.  Holland stated that the recommendations from the various departments have been considered. He distributed a handout outlining the budget requests.  He walked through the budget with the Senate. He pointed out that there is now a policy that states when faculty/staff salaries increase graduate stipends are automatically increased.  Other new positions were explained.  In addition the library budget was increased by $5000.  The alumni magazine, UWA Today, will now be produced twice a year.  The Tiger Tales newspaper will be eliminated.  Discussion of the budget ensued. Dr. Holland added that DOE budgets have been increased by $500.  He added that the President’s Council has pledged that this increase will remain for the next three years.

Total budgeted revenues for 2002-03 are $16,366,928.  In discussing the budget, Dr. Holland explained the summary of budget changes.  Handouts were distributed to all Senate members.

Dr. Mark Griffith asked if Dr. Holland feels we will be prorated during this year. Dr. Holland said that the President’s Council is taking measures to handle proration if it occurs.  Dr. Holland said that the 2003-2004 budget is $48 million short.  Dr. Shaul asked if anyone has proposed a solution to the inadequate state education’s budget.  Dr. Holland responded that the Supreme Court did deem education as an essential service.  He added that historically we have forced the state to respond as a result of legal action.  He said he did not know if constitutional reform will take place in the state of Alabama.

Holland then turned his attention to enrollment.  He stated that his statement was part of his report to the Board of Trustees.  The increases in enrollment are due primarily to retention of students. The fall enrollment totals are 2002 undergraduate and graduate students.  In addition, there has been an increase in average ACT scores.  Unconditionally admitted freshmen scores increased from 20.2 in Fall 2001 to 20.7 in Fall 2002.  The average ACT score for the state of Alabama is 20.1.

In the area of distance learning, Dr. Holland noted that the College of Business is heavily involved in VIANET.  UWA is working with UNA in this program. When UNA hires new professors in business, UWA will be involved in the hiring process.   In addition, UWA has joined with  Columbia Southern University for on-line degree programs. Faculty members can supplement their income by teaching these on-line degree programs. Columbia Southern has approached UWA about teaching for military bases.

In closing Dr. Holland distributed the UWA Strategic Plan 1999-2004.  The Senate will review the plan, and Dr. Holland will be asked to return at a later date to discuss the plan.

The University is discussing a marketing plan that projects the image of this institution in this region and throughout the state.  Dr. Holland said that this is essential.  Ms. Berry Watson, the new director for development, has a master’s degree in fundraising and public relations.  Dr. Holland feels that recruiting efforts will be greatly enhanced by the marketing efforts.

  1. Code of Civility – Mr. Danny Buckalew

Vice President for Student Affairs, Mr. Danny Buckalew expressed his appreciation for the faculty’s efforts in retaining students.  He said that his office is trying to recruit a better student for UWA. The Code of Civility is part of the effort to recruit and maintain quality students.  Mr. Buckalew asked that when problems occur in the classroom, professors report those problems.  He noted that disruptive classroom behavior probably signal problems in other areas.  Reports will allow Student Affairs to identify problem students. An incident report is available online for instructor use.  Dr. Beaird asked if there is some point that students can be dismissed from campus.  Mr. Buckalew said that there was.  He added that the documentation provides him with the tools he needs to help professors.

  1. Faculty Senate Committees – Dr. Janis Beaird

Dr. Beaird distributed a list of Faculty Senate committee membership. She also explained the membership of each committee.

  1. Gilbert Bell Award – Dr. Janis Beaird

Dr. Beaird said that concerns were expressed that winners have been repetitive. Dr. Beaird noted that this is a student-controlled award. The concerns about the award will be addressed by the student committee.

  1. Other

Dr. Mark Griffith asked if information about extracurricular activities obligations be distributed to faculty members.  Dr. Floyd noted that on the Academic Advising web page has a link to advising student athletes.  The practice times should be posted on this site.

V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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