October 19, 1999

University Faculty Senate Minutes

Date: October 19, 1999

Time: 3:30 P.M.

Presiding: Dr. R.T. Floyd

Secretary: Dr. Neil Snider

  1. Call to order by Dr. Floyd
    Dr. Snider asked each person to sign a sheet.
    Present: Dr. Neil Snider, Dr. R.T. Floyd, Ms. Nancy Kudlawiec, Mr. Bill Lenning, Dr. June Westbrook, Dr. Gene May, Dr. Johan W. van der Jagt, Ms. Donna H. Miller, Mr. Micky Smith, Ms. Tina N. Jones, Dr. David Bowen (for Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Dr. Debbie Davis (for Dr. Vickie Spruiell), Mr. Charlier Cook, Dr. Kathleen Pittman, Ms. Shannon White, Ms. Patricia Taylor, Mr. Richard Thurn, and Mr. Jim Todd.

  2. Approval of September 21, 1999 minutes
    Mr. Smith moved and Mrs. Kudlawiec seconded the approval of the September 21, 1999, minutes. The motion passed.

  3. Old Business
    1. Faculty Senate Web Page
      Dr. Floyd reported that the Faculty Senate Web Page has grown significantly in its role of providing information. Links are provided to University Committees (with email links to members), UWA downloads, Higher Education Partnership, other faculty senates, related academic organizations and publications, new faculty information, 1998-1999 faculty accomplishments, University Club, spring semester class schedules, and, of course, everything concerning the UWA Faculty Senate. The 1999-2000 University Committee listing and class schedule booklet needed immediate correction upon publication. The web page will be updated throughout the year. Dr. Floyd asked the Senate to ask faculty to let him know of any incorrect data on the web page.

    2. Web Page Campus Directory
      Dr. Floyd reported that he has recently made significant revisions and corrections to the Faculty Senate Campus Directory and this revision will continue as necessary. He also reported that he met with Paul Stewart & Mike Pratt concerning the other campus directory. They have already modified it so that it has the position, department and email with links. Hopefully, they will soon have all the other information (mail station, bldg/office, web page links) for each faculty-staff member, as does the Faculty Senate Web Page.

    3. Faculty Web Pages
      Dr. Floyd reported that he has not gotten the faculty response for which he had hoped to have received. Approximately 20 faculty members have submitted web page templates with info for posting to their page. All faculty who provided information to him now have web pages which he currently manages. He stated that he could usually have their page up for review and linked live from the Faculty Senate Campus Directory within 24 hours. He then notifies Sharon Underwood to link to it from the faculty member's respective department.

      Dr. Floyd stated that Mike Pratt is in the process of creating a new web account just for faculty web pages. When this happens all current faculty web pages will be moved to this account and faculty will be provided their own password in order for them to be able to directly access their page for updating. Dr. Floyd noted, however, that the faculty member will need appropriate software and skills to do this. He also noted that he will continue to be able to make requested changes to faculty web pages as needed until the faculty members are completely comfortable in managing faculty web pages and security issues have been resolved so that faculty might change their pages. Current links will be changed to the new addresses and faculty members will be notified. Dr. Floyd further noted that Mike Pratt is also in the process of creating a separate web accounts for staff and for students.

      Mrs. Taylor asked what faculty can do to get their web page created. Dr. Floyd stated that all they had to do was complete the web page template which was sent to department chairs. Faculty may also download the template from the Faculty Senate Download Page, complete it and forward it. He also said that if faculty would send him their vita he would copy and paste the information in the template.

    4. List Serve Discussion Group
      Dr. Floyd reported that the list serve will be implemented this semester. He has met with Mike Pratt and Paul Stewart regarding the establishment of a faculty-staff list serve. They are currently evaluating the different software available for the list serve and it should be purchased soon. Dr. Floyd noted that other groups within the University are also in need of this service, so there is no question of it occurring once the specifics are resolved. Once it is set up, all faculty and staff will be signed on initially. An email message will be sent to faculty explaining how it works as well as how to cancel the subscription. Information as to how to subscribe (for those new faculty & staff and those desiring to renew their subscription) will be posted on the Faculty Senate web page.

    5. Faculty Senate History Committee Progress
      Dr. Floyd reported that Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Dr. Janis Beaird, and Dr. Gerald Jones are working on this.

    6. Faculty Development Technology Initiative
      Dr. Floyd announced that only a few departments have returned information regarding the needs of their faculty and the workshops individual faculty might be interested in leading. He noted that a survey form has been developed (see attached survey form) to provoke a more detailed response. Dr. Floyd asked the Senate for suggestions or changes that should be made on the survey, but there were no suggestions given. The survey will be distributed to all faculty and staff, with instructions for them to return the survey to him by October 20th. He will take the information he has now, as well as other information he receives, and press on with this project. Hopefully, the Senate will be able to begin some workshops this semester, probably on word processing, Internet searches, etc.

      The suggestion was made that the Senate purchase some self-help books to be put on reserve in the LRC for faculty to use in learning the new technologies. Mr. Todd stated that his department might be able to contribute some books for the purpose of faculty development related to technology.

    7. Noel Levitz
      Dr. Floyd stated that he had contacted Dr. Wood and learned that the University is under no contract with Noel Levitz. It is a year-by-year arrangement. Dr. Floyd also reported that the Noel Levitz advisor training program was approved unanimously by the Deans' Council and that the books and videos were purchased by Dr. Wood's office to assist with retention. The five year expenditures in total toward Noel Levitz, including the current year, has been approximately $10,000.00. It was pointed out that we have used Noel Levitz for a great deal more than advising. The total program that Noel Levitz recommends cost about $300,000.00. There was much discussion about the program, with the consensus from the Senate that it was a waste of money and time for the University to engage in the program. The Senate instructed Dr. Floyd to let President Roach know that the faculty is not happy with the Noel Levitz program and that the Senate requests a re-examination of the effectiveness of Noel Levitz.

    8. Faculty Hours
      Dr. Floyd stated that Dr. David Taylor will discuss this issue at the November Faculty Senate meeting.

    9. Senate Committees
      Dr. Floyd stated that the Financial Affairs Committee is now complete. The members are as follows:
      Mr. James Todd
      , Chair
      Mr. Truel Hicks, College of Business
      Dr. Johan van der Jagt, College of Education
      Mrs. Nancy Kudlawiec, College of Liberal Arts
      Dr. Mike Reekie, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
      Mrs. Penny Corbitt, Division of Nursing
      Mr. Jimmy Robinson
      Mrs. Tina Jones
      Mr. George Snow
      Dr. Vicki Spruiell

      Mr. Jim Todd has agreed to serve as chair of the Financial Affairs Committee.

      Dr. Floyd also stated that The Faculty Information Committee has elected Dr. David Bowen from its membership to serve as chair.

  4. New Business
    1. Web Course Schedule Booklet
      Dr. Floyd reported that the Class Schedule booklet for Spring Semester 2000 is now posted on the Internet from the Faculty Senate web page. It will be updated as needed regarding changes and additions. Sections that are different from the original booklet will be posted in UWA red. Dr. Harlan suggested that closed courses show up in a different color. Dr. Floyd stated he could not do color coding because it would be too time consuming and that closed classes open and close repeatedly. Mr. Cook said that the schedule booklets needed to be available sooner than they were this semester.

    2. Web Page for UWA forms
      Dr. Floyd reported that the Faculty Senate web page now has a page for downloading various UWA forms, logos, mascots, templates, etc. Upon clicking on the link, the form will appear in the browser and can then be saved to a hard drive or diskette for future use as needed. The forms are formatted in such as way that you do not have to underline text when completing blanks, etc. The underlines are placed in cells. As time allows, more forms will be added. The template for faculty to use in submitting their web page info is also located here.

    3. University Academic Council
      Dr. Floyd stated that the University Academic Council will meet Wednesday, November 17 to consider curriculum changes. The deadline for deans to submit proposed changes/additions on the newly created template is Friday, October 29. All proposal templates will be distributed to the Council on paper as they have in the past, but also by email. The proposal templates will be posted on the University Academic Council web page (accessible via the Faculty Senate web page) for review by appropriate personnel. The meeting this semester is primarily for items that need to be addressed before the beginning of Spring Semester 2000. The UAC will meet again in the spring for all other items that need to be addressed before next academic year.

    4. Faculty Sick Leave Bank
      Dr. Floyd stated that the University is looking into establishing a sick leave bank whereby faculty and staff may donate a specified number of their days for use by other needy faculty and staff. As he understands the proposal, the University can establish the bank if 20 or more members so desire. Policies must be set up so as to govern it and avoid misuse. There is also a limit to the number of sick leave days that state employees can count toward retirement. This would be especially helpful for those relatively new faculty members who have not accumulated many sick days. The disability insurance that UWA purchases for faculty begins after 60 calendar days which would equate to around 40 work days. Those faculty without approximately 40 accumulated sick days would be the primary beneficiaries.

      Mr. Cook asked about finding out if UWA could develop a medical savings plan that would allow employees to put away pre-taxed money specifically to use for medical purposes. Dr. Floyd will find out more on the plan.

    5. Higher Education Partnership UWA Forum
      Dr. Floyd reported that we will have a forum for discussion with Gordon Stone, Executive Director of the Higher Education Partnership tentatively scheduled at 3:30 P.M., Thursday, November 11, 1999, in the Student Union Building. All faculty, staff, alumni, students, and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served. This type of forum has been successful and well received at Troy State. He wishes to provide an opportunity for all involved to share information and ideas and to let everyone know how the Partnership works. Hopefully, Dr. Tenant McWilliams, Chair of the Partnership and UAB professor, will also be able to attend and participate.

    6. ACCUFP Meeting
      Dr. Floyd reported that the Alabama Council of College & University Faculty Presidents will meet on our campus, November 12 & 13 in the Student Union Building. Dr. & Mrs. Roach will host this group for dinner on Friday. All former UWA Faculty Senate Presidents are invited to the dinner.

    7. UWAMAIL vs. UNIV server
      Dr. Floyd asked the Senate to encourage all faculty to quickly request through Data Processing a change in their email from the UWAMAIL server to the UNIV server. Eventually, the UWAMAIL server will be eliminated. Also, please encourage all faculty who do not presently have an email account through UWA to request one soon. If faculty have email accounts but are not sure how to utilize them, a workshop could be arranged.

    8. University Club
      The University Club is still accepting membership applications. A Halloween Bash function is planned beginning at 6:00 p.m. for Saturday, October 30 after the football game at the Moon House. Costumes are optional. Please encourage all faculty and staff to join and participate in our Club.

    9. Academic Advising Spreadsheets
      Dr. Floyd stated that he and Dr. Richard Buckner have been independently developing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template to utilize as checksheets for the majors in the University’s respective programs. They are hopefully going to refine this template and develop one for each major offered across campus. The ones that are now completed will be posted on the Faculty Senate Web Page. Dr. Floyd asked that if anyone could help with this project to let him know. Mr. Cook advised that anyone using one of these on a C:drive should take special caution since student grades were protected by law and it could be a privacy issue.

    10. Faculty/Staff Picture Day
      A make up day for all faculty and staff to have their picture made for the Paragon has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, 1999, at 2:00 p.m. in Webb Hall Parlor. The original date was not well utilized, possibly due in part to the incorrect announcement. Dr. Floyd asked senate representatives to encourage all faculty and staff to have their picture taken on this date. It helps the yearbook to have all personnel in it for future memories. Dr. Floyd also noted that we can also use this opportunity to obtain digital photographs for faculty web pages.

    11. Deans' Council Report
      Dr. Floyd gave the following report :
  1. The Deans' Council is working toward preparing the summer semester schedules and has essentially determined that the long 8-week term will serve as the normal term. As a result, they are working to determine which courses would be best to offer on the 4-week basis in an effort to avoid mass conflicts with 8-week offerings.
  2. The Salary Schedule Committee has been revived as we attempt to move the remainder of the University to the 90/12 salary schedule as funds become available. Deans Holland and Jones have been added to this committee with Dean Underwood remaining as chair.
  3. At the request of the Deans' Council, Mrs. Sylvia Homan & R.T. Floyd are developing a form and guidelines for faculty to use in submitting their accomplishments for the current academic year. The purpose is to accurately capture the truly noteworthy accomplishments for recognition purposes at our annual faculty meeting and posting on our web page.
  4. There has been a different definition between the Business Office and Academic Affairs regarding a full-time semester student for tuition collection purposes. The Business Office has defined a normal load as being 5-17 semester hours whereas Academic Affairs has used the definition of normal load as being 12-18 semester hours. The 5-17 semester hour plan has two problems associated with it: (1) students who take 18 semester hours are charged extra tuition and (2) academic deans/directors are not required to approve the overload. For the time being, a normal load will be 12-17 semester hours, and deans/directors will have to approve a student registering for 18 or more hours.
  5. Some discussion among Senate members followed this report on full-loads which revealed that this new policy was not being followed totally across campus and that the policy may have changed once again.

  6. In the past, lecturers and visiting professors that have been issued 9-month terminal contracts have been allowed to collect their 9 month's pay over 12 months. This has caused a problem with office clearance and other items covered by the Departing Faculty Clearance Form. As a result, these personnel will no longer be able to collect their pay over 12 months. Those lecturers and visiting professors with 9-month contracts who are being retained for the next academic year will be kept on the University benefits over the summer.
    1. Faculty Senate Representation to departments
      There was discussion as to how senate representatives can get information to their departments. The majority of representatives sent minutes to everyone. Discussion arose about putting minutes on the web before they were approved. Consensus was reached that publicizing the minutes prior to approval was not good policy.

    2. Pre-registration
      Mrs. Miller asked if students could have preregistration later in the semester so that they could better assess how they were doing in their courses before they decided on what to take the following semester. Some of the concerns expressed were the inadequate number of help lines, class/lab conflicts, seniors and juniors getting first choice, extending preregistration longer than one week and lack of time for faculty to advise. There was consensus that pre-registration should be longer.

    3. Other
      Dr. Bowen presented the question of whether the Faculty Senate Constitution was being followed since it states that faculty senate officers are to be chose from full-time academic faculty. He believed that to avoid differences, officers should not be academic administrators. Bowen believes the Senate has three options: 1. amend the Constitution; 2. recognize the problem and ignore it for the present year; 3. interpret the Constitution differently.

      During the discussion, it was noted that when the University Senate was organized into the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate, President Hines stated that academic administrators also hold faculty rank and that they should affiliate with the Faculty Senate.

      Due to the time, Dr. Floyd tabled the discussion until the next meeting.
  1. Adjournment
    Mr. Todd moved that the meeting adjourn. Dr. Harlan seconded the motion and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.
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