November 27, 2001

Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 3:30 p.m.
Wise Conference Room - Wallace Hall 213

  1. Roll Call
  2. Dr. Janis Beaird called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Members present were Dr. June Crawford, Dr. Manley Blackwell, Dr. David Bowen (for Dr. Mark Griffith), Dr. Richard Buckner, Dr. Richard Collison, Dr. Lee Day, Dr. R.T. Floyd, Dr. Tom Gonzalez, Mrs. Tina Jones, Dr. Gene May, Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Ms. Martha Shirley, Dr. Joe Taylor, Dr. Jim Todd, and Mr. Howell Sheffield (for Dr. Bill Ward).

  3. Approval of Oct. 16, 2001 Minutes
  4. A motion was made to approve the minutes of October 16 by Dr. Richard Collison and seconded by Dr. Richard Buckner .The minutes were approved unanimously. Following approval of the meetings, the meeting was temporarily turned over to Dr. Schellhammer. The chair recognized Dr. Beaird. She presented a plaque to Dr. R.T. Floyd in appreciation for his work with the Faculty Senate.

  5. Old Business
    1. Faculty Information
    2. Dr. Richard Buckner stated that the University Web Committee is addressing the site. Dr. Floyd said that probably the committee will create a separate page for faculty resources page, allowing the Faculty Senate page to house only Faculty Senate information. The University Web page committee will meet on Thursday, November 29.

    3. Faculty Affairs Committee
    4. Dr. Schellhammer explained that his committee was charged with comparing maternity leave policies of universities in Alabama and other selected schools outside of Alabama. The Committee also looked at the AAUP guidelines. The AAUP recommends that all educational institutions offer paid leave. The Committee made the motion that UWA’s policy offer six-weeks paid leave, not accrued sick leave. According to Dr. Schellhammer, there were two primary reasons for the Committee’s decision. First, more women are entering academia. Secondly, the University could use the paid leave as a recruitment tool for young faculty members. Dr. David Bowen made a motion that the Senate approve the Committee’s motion. Mr. Todd seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. Dr. Beaird will present the motion to the Dean’s Council.

    5. Commencement Participation Committee
    6. The Chair of the Commencement Participation Committee, Dr. Bowen said that the Senate should ask that faculty members be required to attend only one graduation ceremony. He added that the Chairs would be asked to ensure that the number of faculty present at the ceremonies be balanced. Dr. Bowen stated that his committee made inquiries about faculty participation in commencement exercises at other institution. They discovered that a range of policies exist, but the practice throughout the state seems to be that faculty participate in one ceremony. Dr Bowen added that faculty members who wanted to attend both could still do so. Another benefit to the proposed change would be more room for the graduation ceremonies.

      Dr. Bowen made a motion that the Senate recommend a change in policy which states that all full-time and part-time faculty be present at one commencement ceremony per academic year. Mr. Todd seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously, and Dr. Beaird said she would pass the motion along to Provost David Taylor.

    7. Intellectual Property & Faculty Evaluations
    8. Dr. Beaird reminded everyone of the previous concerns of the Senate regarding the Intellectual Property Policy statement. She distributed handouts which represented the changes offered by the Deans’ Council. Dr. Bowen and Dr. Collison stated that they felt the changes reflected the concerns expressed by their colleagues. Dr. Beaird said that discussion of the policy would be tabled until next meeting, allowing members time to carry the policy back to their respective faculty members for their consideration and input.

      Dr. Beaird then moved discussion to the Faculty Evaluation Forms. Dr. Beaird noted that the Deans’ Council approved the changes to questions 11 & 12 and number 1 in the written comment area of the Faculty Course Evaluations. They rejected the changes to 4 & 5.

      The Deans Council rejected the addition of a Section V: Other to the Faculty Evaluations. The Deans’ Council said that if a need arises for this category it may be added later. She added that if the Deans’ Council sees that inappropriate material is being placed in other categories, they will consider revisiting the issue. Dr. Buckner said that he feels that everyone can individualize their instrument to fit his/her needs.

      Dr. Beaird said it is her understanding that these forms will be implemented in January.

    9. e-mail Policy for Retired Faculty & Staff
    10. Dr. Shellhammer reported that work is being continued on this issue.

    11. Photo ID Fee for Faculty
    12. Dr. Beaird stated that faculty and staff are not charged for photo ids; however, faculty and staff must contact the Business Office to get the $10 removed from faculty/staff accounts. Dr. Beaird said that Mr. Raiford Noland explained that the computer cannot distinguish faculty and staff accounts from student accounts.

      Dr. Beaird asked The Faculty Affairs committee to construct a statement for the Faculty/Staff Handbook which would make faculty/staff aware of their need to notify the Business Office of their status so that the photo id is removed from their account.

    13. Summer Teaching Pay
    14. Mr. Todd said that his committee contacted other institutions to see how other universities are handling summer teaching compensation. He reported that Jacksonville State University is the closest to UWA in handling summer pay. He explained that after speaking with Mr. Noland, the committee felt the easiest way to handle the problem excess taxation of summer pay is for faculty to change their W-4’s every year. Mr. Todd said that the committee is working on a table to help guide faculty in the changes that would need to made to the W-4. Alabama takes out 40% of a faculty member’s two-month summer salary. W-4 forms can be changed at any time of the year. Mr. Todd said the committee will continue to work on this issue.

  6. New Business
    1. Child Development Center – Dr. David Taylor
    2. Dr. Taylor explained that there is a need for greater childcare services in this area for UWA faculty, staff and students. Dr. Taylor appointed an ad hoc committee to study the feasibility of a University daycare facility on January 16, 2001. The committee was charged with investigating all aspects of that center from cost of establishment and operation to cost to parents, and location, etc… The committee was to consider a phase-in process where the Center might begin with an after-school program and develop other services later. Mr. Luther Gremmels chaired the committee. Other members included John Crawford, Jason Guynes, Judy Harwell, Janet Montgomery, Patricia Pratt, and Tammy White. The committee administered a survey to faculty/staff and students that netted an overwhelming response advocating a need for a Child Development Center.

      The committee considered the McConnell House and the Choctaw Tavern as two possible locations for the Child Development Center. Dr. Taylor said the primary problem with the McConnell House was location. The Choctaw Tavern is actually a remnant of larger structure. The Sumter County Historical Society owns the Choctaw Tavern and has offered the use of the facility to the University on whatever terms the University asks, such as $1 for a fifty-year lease. They have also offered the use of the Callaway School located on the Spence-Moon House property. Work is being completed on a possible addition to the Choctaw Tavern. Bobby Truelove of the UWA Physical Plant is working on these figures. Dr. Lauren Wells is also working closely with the project. The Committee envisions that the Child Development Center would serve as a lab facility for our education majors. A grant of $17,000 each year for three years has been received. The Committee is now seeking private support. It is the hope of the committee that the Center would eventually be self-sufficient.

      Dr. Taylor said that the Committee is finalizing a concept paper and presentation to be given to the President and the Board. Dr Taylor emphasized that the President and Board’s approval is needed for the development of the Center.

      Dr. David Bowen asked if the Committee ever considered the Armory as a possible site. Dr. Taylor said he would inquire of the Committee. Dr. R.T. Floyd asked about the Guy Hunt Annex. Mr. Todd said that technology has a considerable amount of space in this building.

      Dr. Schellhammer asked if there would be a problem adding an addition to a historic structure. Dr. Taylor said that with careful planning it can be done.

    3. ACUFP meeting
    4. Dr. Floyd is president of Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents, and he reported that the Council represents 16 universities. He distributed handouts about the progress of the Higher Education Partnership and constitutional reform. Dr. Floyd said that a lot of progress has been made in the image of the partnership. The Higher Education Partnership and the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform are encouraging all faculty senates to sponsor a free three-hour seminar by Dr. Bailey Thomson entitled Constitutional Reform: Critical to Alabama’s Reform to educate campus populations to the need of constitutional reform.

      Dr. Floyd also distributed a resolution passed by the Faculty Senate of the University of Alabama encouraging the reform of the Alabama Constitution.

      Dr. Beaird added that Higher Education Day will be held on February 21, 2002. Also a registration form has been included in the Senate handouts, so that faculty members may encourage others to join the HEP.

    The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

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