July 18, 2000

UWA Faculty Senate Minutes

Date: July 18, 2000

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Presiding: Dr. R.T. Floyd

Secretary: Mrs. Patricia Taylor (for Dr. Neil Snider)

I. Call to order by Dr. Floyd

Present: Dr. Jay Wenger (for Dr. Rich Schellhammer), Dr. Gene May, Dr. Tom Gonzalez (for Mr. Micky Smith), Dr. Manley Blackwell, Dr. Johan van der Jagt, Dr. Helen Moshkovich, Dr. Richard Collison (for Dr. Richard Thurn), Dr. John Byer (for Dr. June Abrams), Mrs. Donna Miller, Mrs. Tina Jones, Mr. James Todd, Dr. R.T. Floyd, Dr. Janis Beaird and Mrs. Patricia Taylor.

  1. Approval of June 20, 2000 minutes
  2. Dr. Collison moved and Dr. van der Jagt seconded the motion that the minutes of June 20, 2000 be approved. The motion passed.

  3. Old Business

    A.        Faculty Development Technology Workshops and Initiative

    1. The tutorials Mrs. Sharon Underwood used in the Basic & Intermediate Frontpage 2000 workshops are now posted on the Tiger Technology Tutorials web page. Mike Pratt also provided a Microsoft Outlook workshop. Dr. Floyd will provide a repeat of the fall semester workshop on File Management in Windows 95/98 on Wednesday, July 19th. Campus Pipeline workshops will be provided for faculty July 26 & 27. . Plans are in progress for fall semester programs which will include repeats of some previous presentations as well as some new such as Adobe Pagemaker and Blackboard. Dr. Floyd requests feedback on all programs that have been provided as well as suggestions for future workshops.
    2. Academic advising spreadsheets in Excel should be available for every major program on campus soon. Attendance spreadsheets will also be available for fall semester. Dr. Floyd would appreciate any suggestions for improvement in these projects.
  1. B. Tax Deferred Compensation Plans and Financial Planning Presentations
    1. Ms. Colleen Baird and Mr. Al Westbrook of Valic will provide Financial Planning workshops for all faculty and staff on Wednesday, July 26 in several repeated sessions throughout the day. These will be geared toward proper asset allocation. Future workshops may be planned in early fall depending on feedback and demand.
    2. The Valic representatives will soon meet with the President’s Council. Following approval by the Insurance Committee, and if we have a minimum of 20% of employees interested in initially signing up, all UWA employees may elect to participate in The Valic program with a payroll slot deduction. A table was provided to Senate members that lists the various tax compensation plans available through the other state higher education institutions.
  1. e-Campus update
    A copy of the letter issued to new students from Information Systems regarding the computer hardware recommendations was given to Senate members. An email will soon be sent to all new students regarding recommended printer options.
  2. Distance Learning/Education Software
    The Distance Learning Committee has approved Blackboard.com as our distance education courseware provider. In addition to Blackboard’s ease of use for faculty who may not be computer/web experts, it offers useful tools and space (5MB) on a free basis for every course. All faculty are encouraged to immediately begin utilizing Blackboard to develop supplemental materials and instructional techniques for their present classes. Workshops will be offered in early fall and then more advanced levels of Blackboard will be available as the faculty’s needs increase. Also, anyone interested in developing a course for total online-distance education should discuss the project with his or her chair and Dr. Wilkins, who is the Distance Education Committee chair. There may be a possibility of additional income or release time for faculty who choose to teach a distance education course.
  3. Financial Affairs Committee Final Report – Mr. Jim Todd
    Provost Taylor also discussed this issue – report summarized under Provost Taylor’s update.
  4. University Scholars Committee Final Report – Dr. Floyd for Dr. Schellhammer
    Each Senate member was given a suggested calendar for completion of the committee’s charge.
  5. Faculty Senate History Update – Dr. Floyd for Dr. Schellhammer
    A handout was given to each Senate member that gives an example of how the committee plans to approach this project. The officers and major accomplishments covering the years 1987-1991 are listed in a tentative outline form.
  1. New Business
    1. University Information Update – Ms. Shelly Findley
      Faculty are encouraged to participate in the University Speaker’s Forum and to report important events and honors to Ms. Findley for publicity. The following forms were provided to all Senate members: UWA University Relations Event Publicity Request Form, UWA University Relations Faculty/Staff Publicity Request Form, UWA Faculty-Staff Speaker’s Guide Information Form, UWA Faculty-Staff Media Resource Guide Information Form, and Tips on how to respond when a reporter calls.
    2. Academic Affairs Update – Provost Taylor
    1. The Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC) was established by the state legislature in 1994 to ensure a common curriculum core for all Alabama institutions. This guarantees the transferability of courses between junior colleges and universities, as well as between all universities. Students can presently go to the STARs web site (www.stars.troyst.edu) to find out what classes will transfer at each of the institutions of higher learning. If the student prints this information, signs and dates it, and keeps it, the school to which the student wants to transfer must guarantee that the courses listed on this print out will be acceptable for transfer (barring any legislative changes.) One person on each campus will be designated to follow through on any student grievances.
    2. The Commencement Committee is considering adding a fall commencement and two days to the present calendar. One day, December 15th, would be a faculty workday, and Saturday, December 16th would be the commencement service. Spring commencement would occur on May 5th as currently planned. This would allow some students to walk for a diploma closer to the actual graduation date, and enable all graduates to invite more family and friends to the occasion. The Dean’s Council will discuss required faculty participation, and consider requiring faculty to attend only one of the two annual commencements.
    3. Surplus faculty funds (from positions that the University was not able to fill) will be used for an Intercampus Interactive Telecommunication System (IITS.) This will enable the University to offer live interactive classes in conjunction with the University of Alabama system. Dr. Chuck Anderson and others have been contacted about outlying sites. The broadcast studio will be located across from the office of Stan Powell who is a new full time studio technician and teacher. He is located on the first floor of Wallace in the communication/arts area.
    4. Colleges and universities will not be affected by the new state law that requires finger printing of all faculty who teach students who are nineteen years of age or younger.
    5. Because it is important for us to promote diversity at our University, we have a minority faculty development fellowship. This assists minority students to finish a masters program at UWA and then to progress to a doctorate program with the understanding that the students will work at UWA upon completion of the final degree. Currently there are two people in this program, one in English and one in Math..
    6. Provost Taylor states that the 2000-2001 budget is now tentative. The President and the Board must approve it. The Council of Presidents promised the Governor this year that any surplus would go to faculty compensation. However, insurance this year will cost the university $100,000. The plan is for the following departments/colleges to go to the 90/12 plan: Languages and Literature, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Education. All faculty on the 90/12 plan should receive a 2% across the board raise. Nursing may expect a 3% raise, as that division works all 12 months every year. Also, all staff should have a 3% or $600 minimum raise.
    7. Questions for Provost Taylor: Dr. Collison asked what the enrollment looks like for this year. Dr Taylor replied "Dr. Wood has predicted an increase." Dr. Taylor hopes that the e-Campus concept will attract students and says that students were very positive in Orientation this year. Dr. Blackwell asked how students could best be helped if they do not know how to use a computer. Dr. Taylor says that the e-Campus Task Force is addressing this question. Students will be offered assistance through the Pipeline, workshops, and the help line. Also, the R.A.s will be trained to assist students in each resident hall.
    1. Faculty Information Committee Report – Dr. Floyd for Dr. Bowen
      This committee has been charged with comparing the working conditions of UWA faculty with other institutions. The Senate has already compared insurance and retirement. The Senate members were given a list of subjects related to working conditions so that all departments can rate these as to importance. Also, any other subjects of interest can be added to the list and then returned to Dr. David Bowen.
    2. Other
      Dr. Beaird reported that the sick leave donation policy and the faculty evaluation form that have been discussed by the Senate will both be reviewed by the Dean’s council at the next meeting.
  1. Adjournment

Mr. Todd moved and Mrs. Taylor seconded that the Senate adjourn. The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for September 19, 2000.

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