January 18, 2000

University Faculty Senate Minutes

Date: January 18, 2000

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Presiding: Dr. R. T. Floyd

Secretary: Dr. Neil Snider

I. Call to order by Dr. Floyd

Present: Dr. Neil Snider, Ms. Nancy Kudlawiec, Mr. Bill Lenning, Ms. Ann Ketcham, Ms. Shannon White, Mrs. Tina Jones, Dr. Johan W. vander Jagt, Dr. June Abrams, Ms. Donna Miller, Mr. Micky Smith, Mr. James Todd, Dr. Pat DeMay, Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Mr. Charlie Cook, Dr. Kathleen Pittman, and Mr. Richard Thurn.

II. Approval of November 30, 1999 minutes

Mr. James Todd moved and Dr. Richard Schellhammer seconded the motion that the minutes of November 30, 1999 be approved. The motion passed.

III. Old Business

A. Faculty Web Pages

Dr. Floyd announced that additional faculty web pages have been added and we will probably have sixty faculty web pages by the end of the week. He asked representatives to encourage faculty to submit templates. Photographs may be included, and Dr. Floyd stated that faculty could look at Dr. John Byers' page to see how photographs appear.

Dr. Floyd informed the group that when the new server is completely operational, individual faculty web pages would be moved to it. The new server will allow individual faculty to modify his/her own web page. Dr. Floyd will also continue to make changes when asked to do so.

Dr. Floyd also informed the Senate that the University now has the capability to create course web pages and add program discussion groups for instructional purposes. These pages can be linked from individual web pages. Dr. Floyd offered to help faculty who are interested.

B. Faculty Senate History Committee Progress Report

Dr. Schellhammer stated that the Committee continues to work on the project.

C. Faculty Development Technology Initiative

Dr. Floyd announced that workshops would be planned throughout the semester, including Assessment Day. He asked faculty to let him know if they are interested in a workshop and the topic they would like to see covered.

D. Faculty Sick Leave Bank

Dr. Floyd stated that Dr. Janice Beaird has been unable to find four-year state institutions that have a sick leave bank, and ACHE is not aware of any guidelines. The Faculty Affairs Committee will meet January 21 to discuss the topic.

E. Direct Deposit

Dr. Floyd hopes to meet with the President's Council this week on this topic.

F. Medical Savings Plan

Dr. Floyd stated that he is still gathering information.

G. Academic Calendar

The Academic calendars for 2000-2001 & 2001-2002 are now posted on the Faculty Senate Web Page.

H. Faculty Advising Assessment

Dr. Floyd stated that he has asked the Faculty Affairs Committee to investigate the establishment of a process by which academic advisors may be evaluated. Specifically, the Committee is to look for a process that is fair, meaningful, and easy to administer while preserving confidentiality. The two major aspects of the Committee's charge are (1) the development of the process, and (2) the development of the evaluation form and assessment items. The Committee is currently reviewing forms from ACT, as well as looking into the possibility of developing an instrument similar to the course evaluation. Dr. Floyd stated that Dr. Taylor has ordered a document entitled Reaffirming the Role of Faculty in Academic Advising, which is published by NACADA and covers training, accountability, evaluation, and recognition. The publication will be made available to the Faculty Affairs Committee for them to use in developing an instrument.

I. Faculty Staff List Serve

The List Serve has been set up and is now in the testing stage. It should be ready for use in late January or February.

J. University Scholars Committee Report

No report.

IV. New Business

A. Board of Trustees Report

1. McIlwain-Bell Awards Recipients

Support Staff - Mr. Julian Ptomey

Professional Staff - Mr. Richard Hester

Faculty Dr. Walter Pittman

2. Budget & Finance Committee Report

The University ended FY 99 with a surplus of $843,000, which will be used for operating capital and reserves.

3. Athletic Committee Report

The Baseball pressbox with bathrooms, concession stands, and seating is in the process of being constructed.

The lights are being installed at the softball & recreation fields complex.

4. Land Uses and Facilities Committee Report

The University has purchased the Jackson property, formerly leased by the Delta Chi Fraternity.

The plans for the Bell Conference Center are progressing, with the anticipated completion date in 2002.

The discussion of the McConnell House was deferred until the next meeting.

5. President's Report

Dr. Roach presented plans for a Capital Campaign for the year 2000.

Technology 2000. This is associated with the Capital Campaign and is an effort to raise funds for the implementation of the e-Campus in Fall 2000. A brochure is being developed. The Board approved the plan.

6. Legislation/Discussion Sedgefield Plantation

Dr. Pruitt presented a report on the proposal and showed a video of the property. Several students testified how their internships at Sedgefield had helped them. No action was taken since attorneys are still working on the details.

B. University Credit Union

No real progress has been made. Information is still being gathered.

C. Faculty Senate Online Discussion Forum

An Online Discussion Forum for faculty has been developed. The Forum may be accessed at http://www2.westal.edu/facsenate/home.html or http://www2.westal.edu/facsentate/FS_frm.htm

D. Report from Deans' Council

1. Orientation 2000

Honors Orientation will be combined with a regular session so students may be more involved.

There will be centralized advising locations in all colleges.

Off-duty faculty will be given a stipend to help with advising.

2. Honors Program

The University wants to increase participation in the program, with emphasis on getting more Biology Honors involved. Faculty will be asked to encourage students to enter the program. The Admission staff will also emphasize the benefits of the program to prospective students.

3. e-Campus

The Council was asked to review and provide input to the draft of the e-Campus brochure. Dr. Floyd pointed out that all freshman students in Fall 2000 would need to have access to a computer. Dr. Floyd distributed a handout that gives minimum specifications for computers that students should purchase.

4. Faculty Workload Policy

An introductory paragraph has been added to indicate that the policy is to provide general guidelines for determining faculty load and chairs are not expected to calculate specifically each faculty's workload each term. It is only to be used where there is a problem or someone may feel that he/she has an excessive load. The policy will be in the new Handbook.

5. Grade Change Policy

The new policy will be in the Handbook. The University's attorney has reviewed the policy.

6. Course Number System

The University Academic Council has asked each department to look at the numbering system to see what needs to be updated. Current courses that do not follow the numbering logic should be corrected by the next UAC meeting, which is March 2, 2000. All University Academic Council Templates for Proposed Curriculum Changes are due to uac@univ.westal.edu by February 11, 2000.

7. Academic Advising & Two Year Course Schedule

Advisors are to contact the respective dean when students need to be placed in a developmental course that may be full.

Students who are pre-registered do not have to return to campus on Registration Day.

The calendars for 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 will be posted by Summer Semester.

8. Alabama Public Television Proposal

The University has an opportunity to get an APT station. A concept paper is being prepared for presentation to the Legislature in February.

E. Campus Pipeline Software

The University has received positive feedback from faculty who participated in the online demonstration and discussion. It is hoped Campus Pipeline will be implemented by June 2000.

F. Meeting with Colleges

Dr. Floyd will be attending the College meetings with Dr. Roach and Dr. Taylor.

G. Learning Resources Center Expansion

Dr. Floyd reported that due to lack of funding for a new facility, the University might expand the current facility in the hope that the expansion would be sufficient for twenty years. He asked Dr. Snider to make comments.

Dr. Snider stated that he and Dr. Taylor had discussed the expansion concept and that they agreed on the following points: (1) a building committee should be appointed to look at the expansion concept; (2) the building committee should see how the first floor of the current building could be re-configured, since the trend in reference books and bound journals is electronic; and (3) the building committee should establish priorities for the best utilization of the total footage in the expanded LRC concept.

H. Learning Resources Center Automation

Dr. Snider announced that the automation system is operating and the OPEC can be accessed on the LRC's home page.

I. Laptops in the Classroom Conference

Dr. Floyd and Mr. Stewart will attend the conference in Orlando, Florida, February 3-4.

J. Technology Advancement

Dr. Floyd stated that the University is moving forward in technology. Recently, the University had a conference call with an IBM representative regarding student leases.

Dr. Schellhammer asked Dr. Floyd to find out if the University can get site licensing for Word Perfect.

K. The University Club

will hold a Spring Barn Party on February 25th and a Deck Party at Tartt Field on April 15th. Dr. Floyd encouraged faculty to join the University Club.

L. Other

Mr. Smith expressed concern about the drop in enrollment. There was discussion but no action taken.

V. Adjournment

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