February 20, 2001

University Faculty Senate Minutes

Wise Conference Room, Wallace Hall 213

I.      Roll Call

Present were Dr. Gene May, Ms. Ann Ketcham (for Ms. Trishia Taylor), Dr. Betty Cowan, Mr. Micky Smith, Mr. John Crawford, Mr. Donnie Cobb, Ms. Shannon White, Dr. Helen Moshkovich, Dr. Alex Mechitov, Dr. Richard Schellhammer, Dr. Janis Beaird, Dr. Richard Collison, Dr. Manley Blackwell, Dr. John Byer (for Dr. June Abrams).

II.     Approval of January 16, 2001 minutes

Following a motion by Ms. White and a second by Dr. Moshkovich, the minutes of the January 16, 2001 meeting were approved.

         I.            III.    Old Business

    1. Community Workshops
      No Report
    2. Recruitment & Retention Task Force
      Dr. Floyd reported that Dr. Steve Gamble, President of Southern Arkansas University, and Mrs. Ronnie Birdsong, Executive Assistant to Dr. Gamble, were on campus 2/19/01 to assist with our efforts at recruitment and retention.  They met with each of the RRTF committees to answer their related questions and discuss ideas for achieving our goals.  Both are enrollment specialists and provided insight into their successes with activity driven recruitment at SAU, which we intend as we address these challenges at UWA.  Dr. Schellhammer stated that his colleagues felt that too much emphasis was put on athletics and some people did not understand the proposed Freshman Seminar.
    3. Constitutional Revision
      Dr. Janis Beaird will report on the suggestions from the Constitution Review Committee.
      Dr. Janis Beaird reported that the committee recommended the following changes to the Constitution:
      ARTICLE III        Section 4
      It is recommended that the last sentence be removed.
      Absences of an elected representative covered by a substitute still count as an absence as far as the elected representative’s continuation on the Senate roll is concerned.
                               Section 5
      This is the only section without a label.  It was recommended that the label Partial Terms be added.
      ARTICLE IV        Section 1
      It has been proposed that the title of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson be changed to President and Vice-President respectively to be uniform with the other faculty senates throughout the state.

      ARTICLE V.        Section 3
      It was recommended that quarterly reports be removed.
      All Faculty Senate Committees will meet at least once a year, keep minutes, and make a report to the Faculty Senate.
                                 Section 4
      An addition to their responsibilities was recommended.
      Their responsibility is to help set the agenda for each Faculty Senate meeting.
      With regards to Article V, Section 3, Dr. Schellhammer moved that committees should meet each semester, except during summer, and make reports. The motion was seconded by Dr. Collison, and the motion passed.
      Mr. Smith moved that the recommendations, with Dr. Schellhammer’s amendment, be presented to the faculty.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Cobb, and the motion passed.
    4. Tagging issues, students’ purchase of books on credit, timely issue of books for athletes
      Dr. Floyd reported that he had forwarded the comments below to Dr. Taylor following our last meeting.  The items were discussed in the Feb. 13 Deans’ Council meeting and the responses are italicized.  He reported that he also discussed other things that we could do, in general, to improve UWA for students & faculty. The primary suggestions centered around registration as follows:
      1.     Regarding so many students having classes thrown out due to tags, etc. and then having to start over such as on Jan.8, it was discussed as to how this number may be reduced?  These students did not adequately address their delinquent accounts despite receiving notices.
      2.     Realizing that these tags are the student’s fault, how well do we publicize that they are tagged and that their classes will be deleted?  Are there reminders/notices sent in the mail?  Can we do more to remind/encourage them via email & Campus Pipeline?  Can/should we put signs up such as in the cafeteria, WH, BG, SUB, etc?  A detailed notice is sent to all of these students.  The problem is that these students either ignore these notices or fail to address them in a timely manner.  The notices are being reviewed so possibly make them more noticeable and this information will possibly be added in Campus Pipeline.  Also, an effort will be made to have the various offices notify the involved students 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester.
      3.     Have we made it as easy as possible for these students to pay for their tags, such as by phone, web, credit card?  Tags involving fees may be paid in person or by telephone with a credit card.  When the appropriate software is purchased at some point in the future these may be paid via the web.
      4.     Do the students all know and are they reminded via email/Campus Pipeline that they are tagged due to reasons other than financial hold such as academic hold at the Registrar, SSC, other?  Registration (saving classes) is still hampered to some extent by tags in SSC and Registrar’s.  An advisor spends considerable time finding classes for a student only to learn (when calling the Help Line) that the classes can not be saved due to a hold and then has to start over later after the student clears the tag.  Is there a way that a list of all students with any sort of tag (and by which dept for what reason) can be circulated to all advisors, placed on the web, and updated in real time?  This should not be the case during Pre-registration.  All returning students should be able to be have classes saved.  Classes may not be saved during registration for students who have not cleared admissions due to the potentiality of them not being admissible.  Hopefully, the new network server with software to be purchased in the future will enable timely distribution of this information.
      Regarding students being able to get books in a timely manner for their classes, is there a way that those students who we know will be receiving financial aid in the semester can go ahead and charge their books at the bookstore?  Other universities do this.  Professors are having to change assignments due to students not being able to get their books due to delays in getting financial aid?  Also, can the athletes get their books earlier?  Sometimes it is 3-4 days into the semester before Athletics gives out books.  (I know from familiarity with Athletics that this can be done prior to the first class day if people are willing to work at it.)  This is being investigated and addressed with Financial Aid.  Part of the problem is beyond our control in that we have to follow federal guidelines and their process takes at least three days.  Only three sports (football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball) provide books to their scholarship athletes.  Dr. Taylor, Mr. Outlaw, the head coaches of these sports, and I will meet in the near future to address this.
      I also have some feedback regarding the student satisfaction survey and I am sending this portion to Patricia. 
      1.     The Senate realizes that it does not involve all students, but it is supposed to be a representative sample of all.  We feel that it may not be truly representative due to most upper level students not having 8:00 classes.  It is also felt that students will not give the (lengthy) survey the attention it needs when they have to complete it so early in the a.m.  A suggestion is to have it administered later in the day such as at 9:00 and/or 1:00 or whatever times we have the highest concentration of students in classes as determined by the Registrar/Info Systems.  This comment was forwarded to Patricia Pratt for consideration in developing the upcoming survey
      2.     Is there a way this can be done over the web without students collaborating/sending in multiple surveys so as to enhance the entire meaningfulness of the survey, not take up valuable class time, and reduce the tabulation time/work?  The future surveys will be done via the web in a manner that prevents us from knowing who made which made which response, but avoids a student providing multiple responses.
      3.     It is also felt that students may take the survey more seriously if they knew up front and from experience what would become of the results?  Will they really be able to make a difference?  Is/can the results and impact be summarized and publicized more thoroughly back to students, perhaps by email/Campus Pipeline?  This comment was forwarded to Patricia Pratt for consideration in developing the upcoming survey.
    5. Faculty Information Committee Report
      Mr. Cobb reported that the committee recommends that the committee meet if the Faculty Senate sees a particular need to the committee to gather data.  During discussion, the question of a constitution change came up.  Mr. Cobb said he would get with Dr. Beaird to see if this requires a change in the constitution.
  1. New Business

    1. Legislative Relations
      r. John Crawford reported in the absence of Mr. Spruiell.  He brought the Senate up-to-date on the bills that are currently before the legislature that will help higher education.  He also discussed the new Legislative Update that Mr. Spruiell will send to the faculty and staff periodically.
    2. RSA – Presentation & Counseling Session
      Dr. Floyd reported that Mr. Don Yancey, a counselor with the RSA Teachers Retirement System will deliver a 45-minute presentation addressing most questions and concerns relative to retirement at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7 in WH Auditorium.  He will be available from 1:15 p.m. until the presentation at 3:00 and shortly afterwards until 5:00 p.m. to provide individual one-on-one counseling sessions.  These individual sessions usually take around 20 minutes.  Any employees anticipating/considering retirement within the next year or two can and certainly should contact him at dony@rsa.state.al.us or at 1-800-214-2158, extension 601 in advance and provide your specific details regarding possible retirement dates & available unused sick leave.  This will facilitate him in being able to more effectively answer your individual questions.  Further information is available at http://www.rsa.state.al.us/trs/counsel2000trs.htm.  Dr. Floyd stated that this meeting and relevant info will be posted on the Faculty Senate web page.
    3. UWA Higher Education Partnership meeting
      The UWA Higher Education Campus Partnership will meet at 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 20 in the SUB.  Mr. Gordon Stone, Executive Director, will provide an update of the Partnership’s efforts.  Please encourage all faculty and staff to attend.
    4. Higher Education Rally
      Mr. Crawford reported that the 2/21/01 meeting on campus with Dr. Stone has been cancelled.
    5. Notification requirements relating to re-employment & tenure status by March 15
      Dr. Floyd stated that the problem of us being committed to employing a faculty member for two full years once we notify them (in their second year or in their third or fourth year) of our intentions to employ them for a another year has been raised by some faculty members in recent years.  Listed below is the current policy and a possible solution to this problem.  It is up to the Faculty Senate to initiate a change in this process if we desire.

Year of Service Nature of Notification


  1. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year without tenure (a fourth probationary year), or

  3. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year on a terminal contract.


  1. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year without tenure (a fifth probationary year), or

  3. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year on a terminal contract.        


  1. That he/she will be employed for the sixth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the sixth year on a terminal contract.

Proposed Solution
Year of Service Nature of Notification

  1. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year without tenure (a fourth probationary year), or

  3. That he/she will be employed for the fourth year on a terminal contract, or

  4. That he/she will not be employed for the fourth year.


  1. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year without tenure (a fifth probationary year), or

  3. That he/she will be employed for the fifth year on a terminal contract, or

  4. That he/she will not be employed for the fifth year.


  1. That he/she will be employed for the sixth year with tenure, or

  2. That he/she will be employed for the sixth year on a terminal contract, or

  3. That he/she will not be employed for the sixth year.

    1. Financial Conservation Ideas
      Dr. Floyd called the Senate's attention to the attached list of the ideas submitted by Faculty Senate members for saving expenses that has been forwarded to Dr. Roach.  Please review and submit further suggestions.
    2. eCampus Task Force Planning
      Dr. Floyd reported that Mr. Paul Stewart, Mr. Mike Pratt and he attended the Campus One meeting in Orlando on Feb. 1-2.  Since that time we have met to plan further implementation of the eCampus concept.  We are in the process of prioritizing approximately 40 goals into plans that will be delegated to various ECTF committees and other University committees.  Many of these goals involve funding, but many involve policy and procedural changes and can be accomplished by Fall 2001.  Some of these include faculty development, standardization and adoption of email as the official means of University communication, University wide calendaring, minimal technology competencies for students, web delivery of courses, faculty computer refresh, further integration of technology into everyday university business, specialization of computer labs, instructional technology assistance, resident technology assistants, evaluation of progress, virtual office hours, further software evaluation for future purchase/adoption, and pedagogical idea web page development.
      I also just received the a CD with the presentations from last year’s Laptops in Classroom meeting and will post these on our web site ASAP for our faculty to review.
    3. www.eduprise.com software demonstration 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 28
      Dr. Floyd reported that Mr. David Floyd of Eduprise will be provide this demonstration at the above listed time and date.  Please encourage all faculty to attend.
    4. Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents Meeting March 2-3
      Dr. Floyd reported that the ACUFP will have its spring meeting at the University of Alabama on the above dates.  Anticipated topics of discussion include proration, higher education funding, institutional support for Faculty Senate Presidents, post-tenure review, board of trustees appointments & terms.  Attached is a summary of statewide institutional support for Faculty Senate Presidents and our proposal to the UWA administration.
    5. Spring Colquitt Faculty Colloquium
      Dr. Floyd announced that the Spring Colquitt Faculty Colloquium is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., Thursday, March 8 at the Callaway School.
    6. www.examsoft.com software demonstration 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 20
      Dr. Floyd announced that Mr. Larry Zimmerman of Examsoft will be provide this demonstration at the above listed time and date.  Please encourage all faculty to attend.
    7. Distribution of Faculty Senate minutes
      Dr. Floyd stated that most other University committees, task forces, councils, etc. now distribute minutes and agendas via email and web pages.  It is time for us to move in this direction.  An issue is the distribution of unapproved minutes. Due to the lateness of the hour and some representatives having to leave this item was tabled until next meeting.
    8. Election of Faculty Senate Officers
      Dr. Floyd stated that in our March 20 meeting we will take nominations for officers.  Any elected representative shall be eligible to nominate a person for office, provided that the person so nominated is contacted and agrees to serve.  From the list of persons nominated, the Senate shall choose two names to be placed on the ballot for each office.  Ballots containing the two nominees for each office shall be prepared by the Secretary and distributed by April 1 to all full-time academic faculty, who shall cast their vote for one of the two names proposed for each office.  Senate representatives shall be responsible for collecting the ballots from their particular academic units and returning said ballots to the Rules Committee by April 7.  The Rules Committee shall count the ballots and report the results at a meeting of the Faculty Senate held the third Tuesday of April.
    9. Tiger Tail Productions request
      Dr. Floyd stated that Tiger Tail Productions is presenting “Casino Night” in the SUB lobby on Tuesday, March 20 from 7-9 pm.  We need at least 14 or more faculty/staff to help serve as dealers for the games.  Therefore, can you contact the other faculty members and see how many volunteers who are willing to help out?  If so, please have them to contact Robyn Boyd at ext. 3454.  Or they can contact either of the following TTP staff members at cobbm@cp.uwa.edu or lindseya@cp.uwa.edu.
      Mark Cobb
    1. Daycare survey
      Dr. Floyd asked everyone to respond to the UWA Daycare Survey on the web at : http://www.survey.uwa.edu/daycare
    2. Other

V.       Adjournment

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